Google Panda Update 3.5 (April 2012) – Black Hat Webspam

On April 24th 2012, Google has released Panda update 3.5, the update was confirmed by the blog post at Google official blog. This update will deal with black hat webspam and will effect 3% of total search queries.

Matt cuts had gave a clue about this update on 19th April itself via his tweet and now the update is live. This update will remove webspam totally, now keyword stuffing in posts or using keyword in domain name will not work anymore, all that work is quality content. This is the 4th Panda update this year, after January, February and March updates.

According to Google -

“White hat search engine optimizers often improve the usability of a site, help create great content, or make sites faster, which is good for both users and search engines. Good search engine optimization can also mean good marketing: thinking about creative ways to make a site more compelling, which can help with search engines as well as social media. The net result of making a great site is often greater awareness of that site on the web, which can translate into more people linking to or visiting a site. The opposite of “white hat” SEO is something called “black hat webspam” (we say “webspam” to distinguish it from email spam). In the pursuit of higher rankings or traffic, a few sites use techniques that don’t benefit users, where the intent is to look for shortcuts or loopholes that would rank pages higher than they deserve to be to be ranked. We see all sorts of webspam techniques every day, from keyword stuffing to link schemes that attempt to propel sites higher in rankings.

Which websites will be effected mostly?

  • Sites using databases to aggregate information
  • Press portals and aggregators
  • Heavily-templated web sites

Languages Effected

  • English = 3%
  • German, Chinese, and Arabic = 4%
  • Polish = 5%

Google Panda Update 3.5 Winners List

Google Panda Update 3.5 Losers List

[Source for lists : searchengineland]

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